Defect in construction

The Charges: A asks to B to achieve weather proofing work for the warehouse roof in Marseille (south of France). B offers to use a special material. A agreed on the material used and fully accepted the delivery.

However, in Marseille the wind is really strong and the chosen material did not resist to the wind power.

The amount of the damages was very important and the roof needed to be fixed up quickly.

Instead if going to court, Parties ask to Audrey Pagot to draft a transactional agreement mentionning the new work to be done.

Awarded: 50% refund on the initial work

Terminate an agreement

The Charges: V and W signed a tolling agreement.

After many years of commercial relationship, W wants to terminate the contract.

W asks Audey Pagot to deal with the termination by drafting the appropriate letter.

In several cases, a lawsuit can be avoid with a good negotiation between businessmen but sometime a lawsuit for « unfair breach » can be necessary.

Awarded: easy going termination

Contract drafting

The Charges:

L is a company that sells essential oil made in Provence south of France.

L wants to sell in drugstore.

L asks to Audrey Pagot to draft its general terms of business, the supply and retail agreements.

L realises that its products are sold in Amazon unfairly. L asks Audrey to deal with it introduce a lawsuit.

Awarded: increase of 30% of the selling and protection of the brand on Amazon